The Mount Hood Miata Club (MHMC) hosted a "Scratch & Dent" Clinic at a car repair shop in Beaverton, Oregon, in 2011. Inky, Bonnie's 1999 black Miata, needed a "makeover" for some dish-dents in the right rear quarter panel and a lot of little scratches from the prior two owners. During the event, I met several mobile repair vendors that really did an excellent job on repairing the Miata. These repair people were efficient, courteous, customer-focused, and very reasonable for renewing that original look to an older car.


Northwest Paintless Dent Removal

Jason Plummer told me he has been in the business of pounding out car body dents without requiring a repaint of body panels for over a decade. Yes, you read it correctly, he and his technicians have special tools to remove certain types of dings and dents without using magnets, suction cups, Bondo, or tack-welded fasteners! They either find a small hole or drill one in a hidden spot on the car body to access the back of the dent (Miatas have a unibody shell). Using special tool extensions, blunt-pointed hard plastic rods, and custom hammers, they pounded our two dents back out by tapping around them in special removal patterns and tool positioning techniques. Jason was amazingly fast and very knowledgeable of the body structure of our Miata. He drilled one very small hole behind our left tail light and plugged it with a nylon cap plug after the repair. The cost of the repair was less than $100 (a special price for our club event.); quarter panel repairs at a commercial body shop would have surely cost us at least eight times that amount because they would have needed to repaint the quarter panel (and probably used some fillers). 2012 was a tough year for our 1999 Miata. A man backed into the drivers door and we had to replace it with a junk yard replacement. Jason came through again and fixed the dents in the used door. You can reach Jason at or (503) 481-2015.


Showroom New

After having our dents removed at the 2011 clinic, Mike Barthe and his technician cleaned our Miata's car body and touched up all of the scratches on our black paint job (again, for a special MHMC event price of under $100.) This company also specializes in mobile repair services for car enthusiasts and some local car lots. Mike can be reached at or (360) 433-5201 in Vancouver, WA.


Summit Racing

One of our favorite online sellers for hot rod car projects. We buy parts and tools from Summit for great prices and with quick shipping.



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