Favorite Services Providers


The business listing here is composed of places I frequently visit or sometimes order service products from on a monthly or yearly basis. They have excellent customer service to meet my needs. Most of these businesses support motorsports enthusiasts or are established on motorsports entertainment themes.



Motorcycle Electronics Installation

M-R Communications installs intercom, security, audio, and power accessories equipment on motorcycles, motorcyclist apparel, and helmets. Mark Reis has wired all three of our motorcycles and helmets since we bought our Kawasaki Concours in 1999. We met him at the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle one winter. We have used the intercom system he sold us in 1999 for 12 years on two touring motorcycles. The rugged intercom system is made in the USA, simple in design, powerful, maintains very good voice clarity, and also has jacks for radio communications and a MP3 player. The system uses boom microphones and ear speakers mounted inside our helmets. Their are no Electro-Magnetic Interference issues from other radio wave sources on the ride because we are hard-wire connected to the master unit using shielded coiled-wire cables. His shop is located in Marysville Washington out on the eastside hill near State Highway 5. He works in his home shop at 7524 44th Street N.E., Marysville, WA 98270. His telephone number is (425) 335-1296. The shop is small, so you must make an appointment with him for all electronics installation services. He installs quality electronics equipment at reasonable labor rates and guarantees his workmanship. I don't know if Mark is still in business.



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